mundvoll café 

Mundvoll is a café and grocery store which aims to bring back the concept of the small local store, based on the now extinct ‘Tante Emma’ stores, once the go-to place to buy your day-to-day groceries in small German towns. The project involved combining a café - serving drinks, small bites and lunch - with a small grocery store within one of Zeppelin University's campuses in Friedrichshafen, on the edge of Lake Constance.
Mundvoll had to be designed as a temporary space
with a small budget, as it will move alongside the University campus by the end of 2012, which also meant that we were not able to touch or modify the fabric of the building in any way.
From the boldness and simplicity of the website to the cosy yet edgy interior, to the diversity and friendliness expressed by the corporate identity, our concept has been to portray that different things can work great together.


The bar is clad in layered plywood, and incorporates a series of coloured stripes achieved through the staining of the wood. The bar also allows for the addition and re-positioning of an array of coloured metallic baskets for the display of products, that imitate
the design language used for the shelving.
A magnetic black-board provides the surface for the menu, which staff can easily re-arrange with laser-cut white letters.

photograph by Lena Reiner


The interior 

We designed and custom-made the sofa, shelves and bar. Plywood, wooden crates, metal and colour have been used throughout the space to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere, as well as a functional space.
photograph by Lena Reiner

photograph by Lena Reiner


The design of the sofa was partly inspired by the vast fruit industry in the area. As a reflection of the different stages of these industrial processes, the sofa is made up of 3 parts. The palette base and the cushions are strapped together almost as if it were ready to be shipped.
photograph by Lena Reiner (left)

The logo 

Because this project combines a café and a supermarket, the creation of the logo went through many transformations. The final logo is one you can use as a whole and in parts. The four symbols represent mundvoll’s four main areas; the coffe cup stands for the
take away service, the speech bubble represents the social and meeting qualities of the space, the milk carton symbolises the supermarket, and the brezel stands for the daily, freshly prepared food.


The shelves for the grocery store area were designed with simplicity and practicality in mind. The irregular plywood structure is clad along the horizontal edge with a coloured magnetic metal strip, that allows for the simple addition of magnetic price tags for the products.


Mundvoll needed a range of packaging that could be applied to both their take-away products and the grocery store. We therefore designed a collection of coloured stickers that can be applied across their entire packaging family, from bagel wrappings, to salad boxes, to shopping bags.
We liked the idea of these simple stickers having the potential to change their application from day to day, in some way reflecting the changing menu and variety of products.

The entire packaging line is fully compostable.

the cups 

For the design of the cups we re-introduced the symbols from the logo as representatives of the Mundvoll brand, with the aim to emphasize the recurrent characters of the café's identity.


photograph by Lena Reiner


The concept for the website was one of boldness and simplicity. Colour was the chosen medium to connect the four sections with the corporate identity.