Milkbottles as a medium 

Living in London in 2009 means to experience the whole range of one of Europe’s biggest hubs for cultural diversity and activity but it also lets you feel the exhausting side of a contemporary Metropolis, the long hours of commuting, pollution and overpopulation. A deep alienation can be experienced through the loss of real nature, the sort of nature that has always been the base of human life. Parks seem to be the only replacement for nature and the only environment in which we are able to experience the four yearly seasons. For this project I used grasses

as a medium as they embody seasonal growth and nature’s variety at its best. The fragile shape of each grass is as beautiful as the whole movement of a meadow and has always drawn people’s attention. Through creating a planter, an object which can be applied in an urban setting I would like to advert to the changing conditions of the immediate surrounding applied in a domestic setting. A real everyday interaction between the person and the object is intended to make the growth happen.

blowing milk bottles 

I attached a foot pump to the milk bottle and whilst pumping I heated up the surface from top to bottom.

trial and error 


milk bottle vessels 


making seed paper 

I used hay and straw cuttings, cooked them with Soda Christals to break down the fibers, blended them with potato starch and finally added the grass seeds. I sieved the pulp out of the water with a fine metal mesh and applied pressure. The fibers bond
together and can be laid out onto paper for drying. I designed the template for the packaging and made some small scale models to determine scale and shape. The final packaging got laser-cut and etched.

Grass is growing from the seeds which are embedded in the paper.

milk bottle cycle 

This drawing shows the process from a blown milk bottle to a grass holding vessel. The milk bottle should be taken out of the packaging, the packaging should be cut in pieces and put into the bottle. After adding water the seeds will start sprouting and after time grow to grasses.

grow urban grass