The Coniferous Collection 

Shaped and inspired by conifer pine trees, the stools aim to not just mirror their models, but also reveal an array of different uses and personalities.
The intention when designing this collection was to create pieces that would invite people to gather.
They come in pairs and in 3 different sizes. You can flip them, stack them, combine them or leave them alone. You can move them around and you can sit on them. Remove the cushion and reveal the metallic surface of the hidden table.
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They are happy as a sculptural backdrop or as the centre of attention. They thrive on social interaction but they can also become the animate characters to the most inanimate of spaces.

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The stools come in pairs in 3 different sizes :
All stools are stackable with their same sized pair, and S and L stools can also be mixed.
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The stools are made of pieces of solid oak and turned on a lathe. The top and bottom of each stool has a metal powder coated surface that acts as a table when the cushion is removed.
Each stool also comes with a 2cm thick wooden disc lined on one side with felt, which attaches to the bottom end in contact with the
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floor. This disc raises the stool 5mm from the ground, preventing the wooden edges from getting scratched or damaged. These wooden discs have a hidden magnet inside, so attaching them to the metallic surface of the stool is very easy, even when facing downwards.